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About Me


I have a love for travel, fashion / makeup & I adore hanging out with my mates. However more recently my focus switched to Health & Wellbeing due to a temporary forced pause, when diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease. This site is my place to let you in and share what I'm learning along the way. Helpful insights that all women need to know- sick or full of exuberance. The detective in me was set to investigate & I've learned some interesting things.

Tammy Wiley

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Human Design~ What is it?

Human Design is relatively new to us (1983) but it’s inception goes way back. It is a combination of, Astrology, Kabbalah, the IChing & Chakras used to calculate your design. Your conscious chart (personality) and your un-conscious chart – (your soul). These 2 astrology charts, show your activations which were either turned on or off…