About Me

About Me


I have a love for travel, fashion / makeup & I adore hanging out with my mates. However more recently my focus switched to Health & Wellbeing due to a temporary forced pause, when diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease. This site is my place to let you in and share what I'm learning along the way. Helpful insights that all women need to know- sick or full of exuberance. The detective in me was set to investigate & I've learned some interesting things.

Tammy Wiley

Diary of Me

How you should be exchanging your energy, with the world.

Your conscious and un-conscious.

What makes you different to everyone else?

Diary of Me is a Human Design reading with a delightful twist.

It’s hand crafted by me, into a beautiful printed book, a keep sake.

Your reading is written in verses and prompts so you can refer to it again and again… and again.

Because I don’t believe it’s just about having a reading. You need to live it daily, remind yourself, pull yourself up and take notice of where you mind may be pulling you and course correct back to yourself, to your body, your soul.

It can take re-alignment to get back to who you're meant to be.
Diary of Me will quickly take you there, anytime, anywhere.

I'm delivering your reading in a little black book, you don't have to remember it all, but you do have to live it, if you want to be you, who you were designed to be ..... in this life time.

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Please allow 4 weeks from your booking date for me to read your chart & create your Diary of Me

How it works..

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$330 Australian Dollars (approximately $250 USD)

Refer to your reading ... as often & when ever you like

The diary of yourself,

the manual of you.

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