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I have a love for travel, fashion / makeup & I adore hanging out with my mates. However more recently my focus switched to Health & Wellbeing due to a temporary forced pause, when diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease. This site is my place to let you in and share what I'm learning along the way. Helpful insights that all women need to know- sick or full of exuberance. The detective in me was set to investigate & I've learned some interesting things.

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Mèmior 7- Liver Function & Iron Levels

Recap- I feel its time to make this site LIVE and keep on moving forward, onwards and upwards ♥

Well, this site doesn’t go live as just after my last memoir, November 2017. My genius Doctor returns from overseas :). I haven’t seen her for a year and a half and manage an appointment 2 weeks before she leaves to back overseas and…… she finds a problem.

My liver is not working well and I’ve been having increasing iron loss.  I’m losing iron and lots of it, quickly.  In 12 months, I have 4 Iron Infusions.  So here we go again except this time I have new things in the mix.  So I have fatty liver, no surprise because I’m overweight, yes surprise Doctor’s tell me an alcoholic of 20 years has a better liver than me and people walking around bigger than me do not have a liver like mine! Oh my god! what is going on now!

You know what this is feeling there is no end in sight.  So I wait again and again and again for tests, specialists and Dr’s and they tell me to lose weight….. Those that know me know exactly what words came out my mouth & I’m trying to find and up yours emoji? is there one?

Long story short, If I don’t lose weight I’m going to have irreversible damage to my liver. Have I killed a village of chinamen in a previous life? No racism intended here folks it’s a common saying.

I have an Ultrasound which leads me to be referred to a Liver Specialist, which leads me to a Fibro Scan, which shows as far as fatty livers go, mine is at the highest end.  WTF! This is not reflective of alcohol as I think I’ve forgotten to mention, I haven’t been able to drink since 2014!, another reaction that contributes to the swelling everywhere, in particular my foot and reflux. 

Fast forward to now – April 2019 and at a guess I’ve had 8 drinks in 5 years and I pay for it every time. I was partial to a Wild Turkey before all of this and I know what you’re thinking….. was there damage prior and the answer is no.  My genius Doctor checked liver function day 1, it was one of the tests in those 13 vials of blood, so this is since I’ve become sick. It’s a mystery to some and not to others,  metabolic resistance is also playing a hand here but none the less will just be monitored at this stage.

My Iron is a real issue, infusions are lasting me 3-4 months with supplementation & my periods are out of control heavy, so heavy it’s nearly not manageable on the first few days.

This is also playing havoc on my adrenals and thyroid, did you know your body needs iron to synthesise thyroid hormone? No me either- genius Doctor told me so with that said, blood tests confirm that every time my iron drops out, so does everything else, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Thyroid and the list goes on and on and again puts more pressure on the adrenals to pick up the slack which they can’t do. 

This is detrimental to my improvement. We discuss a few options, holistically the pill is not a great option (you can read more HERE if you want to know more about that) an IUD- also not favourable but more favourable than the pill. 

After weeks of deliberating – I don’t want the IUD, not keen on foreign objects or the synthetic hormones in it, I decide I really don’t have much choice.  I have to stop the Iron loss , it’s critical to my improvement, so off I go to a referred Gynaecologist, more waiting…… 2 months to get an appointment.

Appointment day is here, February  2018 and is a debacle- I didn’t have the IUD (didn’t know I had to get it) so she can’t do it.  All day I’d been working myself up to it as some of my friends told me it KILLS, vey painful.  I leave instead with a form for an Ultrasound.  The Gynaecologist decides, let’s take this as an omen and have a look to see if anything else is going on.

I have the Ultrasound & I do have something else going on……. something called a Fibroid, which is deemed as large and if it gets any bigger must come out. Now back in the beginning, in those first 18 months one of the numerous GP’s I went to did send me for an Ultrasound, she was thinking maybe PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Which I didn’t have but I did have 2 small Fibroids the size of a pea, which I was told was nothing to worry about. 

One of these has now grown to what is described as large- which in my case is the size of an orange.

What the hell is a Fibroid and how did it get there?

Google definition- Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow from the muscle layers of the womb. These benign growths of smooth muscle are present in up to 60% of women, without them knowing they are there and don’t present a problem for most.

Again, not a problem prior to me getting sick……. you’re getting my drift here aren’t you with all these other things mysteriously going out of whack!

Anyway I speak to the Gynecologist, she advises to still get the IUD, we are going ahead and will monitor the Fibroid.  She explains to me that in some cases the IUD shrinks Fibroids so lets see.

So here we go, gritting my teeth for installation but it doesn’t happen.  She can’t get it to fit properly, probably because of the fibroid so I have to go to hospital to have it done.  I say to her ok ( at this point I’m thinking bloody hell, I really don’t want to have to do this) If I have to be knocked out, tell them to take out the Fibroid whilst I’m under, just GET RID OF IT. 

Oh no she says, to get rid of it is major surgery, they can’t do it in that procedure.  I go on the waiting list to have an IUD fitted, a wait time of 6 months as I had to let my private health insurance go- I could no longer afford it.

Six months later, I get a call from the Hospital and are scheduled for the procedure.  I wake up afterwards with no IUD.  I’m not told why, all I’m told is make an appointment with your specialist, which I do & can’t get in for 4 weeks! I wait 4 weeks to find out what is going on!

The day comes and I finally find out that the IUD wasn’t fitted as they still couldn’t proceed due to the fibroid blocking the way & a slightly tilted pelvis – most probably due to the fibroid.

To be continued…..
NEXT ~ Hysterectomy

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